The April 28th hail storm is the worst hail storm the St. Louis area has received since April, 2001 (which at the time was the largest insurance payout in the history of Missouri).

Damage to your car:  Expect complications getting a rental vehicle while yours is in the shop, as Enterprise and other local providers have run out of cars to rent.  In addition, many of their own cars were damaged in the same storm.  They and other companies are in the process of moving more cars to the St. Louis area.

Damage to your roof:  DO NOT USE AN OUT OF TOWN ROOFER.  Very often, they “find” damage that may not be there, and have even been known to create damage to fix.  Use a local trusted St. Louis based company that has been in business for many years.  Not only will they most likely do a better job for you, they will be available in the following years should something go wrong with their work.  Lastly, you keep the money that comes from your insurance payout local, which is going to help the St. Louis economy.

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